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WoodmenLife Jobs | Career Benefits & Opportunities

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At WoodmenLife, you will get to make a difference every day while working any of the jobs for a career. The life insurance at WoodmenLife protects the financial futures of families, and they give back to local communities. At WoodmenLife, you also get the chance to develop by the way your creativity is being valued and rewarded.


Leadership Opportunities

Starting a job with WoodmenLife is the first step toward a successful future. WoodmenLife will help you get there whether your goal is to get into management or is simply to earn a lot of money.

The WoodmenLife Sales Force promotes Regional Directors from within. In fact, both the current and prior CEOs started off as sales representatives.

  • Sales Representative

As a sale representative, you will be in charge of generating new leads, communicating with and listening to members, who serve as company clients, understanding their financial needs, and supporting a smooth sales process in your capacity as a sales representative.

You will have the chance to build lasting relationships with members and assist them in reaching their financial goals.

  • Recruiting Sales Manager

As a WoodmenLife Recruiting Sales Manager, your basic duty will be to assemble teams of Representatives and support the professional development of those teams.

With the Market Representative program at WoodmenLife, you may start earning extra money right away from day one at work. You will get a monthly expense payment if your recruits meet certain laid down requirements.

  • Regional Director

In order to maximize social activities, as a WoodmenLife Regional Director you will be in charge of a Regional Office, inspire their Recruiting Sales Managers and their staff, and collaborate with a Community Outreach Manager.

Many of the best achievers in this role make up to six figures annual income, and assuming a leadership position offers chances to make more money.

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WoodmenLife jobs

There are several opportunities to develop your skills and your income from the very first day of your WoodmenLife career of any on the jobs to the very last. Let us look at some of the career paths you could take at WoodmenLife to enhance your skills as an individual.

Now let us take a look at some of the available jobs at WoodmenLife, for those that may wish to start a career in the industry.

SharePoint Administrator – WoodmenLife Jobs

The general vision and strategy for the SharePoint practice will be handled by this role at the leadership table. For many years to come, you will help shape the technique of WoodmenLife. You will also need to be a change agent, inspiring others through mentorship, influence, training, and other means.

This role requires someone who can adapt as the teams gain more SharePoint experience. Additionally, you will work with excellent individuals. You should submit an online application if this sounds like the ideal role for you in order to start a recruitment conversation.

Basic Requirements:

There are always some basic requirements for landing jobs, especially at WoodmenLife, and some of the requirements for this position include:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the M365 products and technological infrastructure, including administrative structure, security policies, settings, test environment, archival techniques, etc.
  • 3 years of administration experience with Microsoft 365 or SharePoint.
  • Experience in SharePoint Designer and process development.
  • Extensive understanding of SQL Server, Power BI, PowerShell, and Office 365, as well as extensive knowledge of Windows operating systems.
  • Advanced understanding of managing SharePoint services and features.
  • Advanced understanding of managing SharePoint services and features. know a great deal about SharePoint Security and Compliance.
  • Positive project management skills in a challenging IT environment.
  • Engineering, computer science, or comparable professional experience required as a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience in installing and integrating SharePoint with external applications.
  • Possess a strong sense of logic, excellent problem-solving abilities, and a thirst for continuous learning.
  • Experience in developing technological roadmaps and taking business needs into account.

Computer Operations Analyst

This is a great opportunity for the ideal candidate who enjoys working in a setting where they are given a range of responsibilities to perform each day. A day will never be exactly like the last. You will get the chance to assist in resolving some of the most pressing issues at WoodmenLife.

You have come to the right place if you enjoy teamwork and provide first-rate customer service. This job would be great if you are eager to learn and develop your skills! If you appreciate solving complicated problems, this role is ideal for you.


One of the keys to this position is actually getting the chance to go deeply into problems. This would be a fantastic opportunity to expand your career into other areas of IT if you want to do so. Beyond the thrilling job you will be doing, there are additional opportunities for you to feel complete because WoodmenLife wants you to be happy in your career.

You have the chance to be your best self at WoodmenLife, and they believe that there is more to life by helping others, from battling hunger to raising money for nearby schools.

Basic Requirements:

Some of the basic requirements for this position at WoodmenLife Jobs include:

  • Five years of experience working as a computer operator or operations technician in a multi-platform setting with growing levels of responsibility and broad understanding of platforms including mainframe, Windows, and Linux.
  • Five years of experience in using business automation and monitoring software  platforms such as Windows, Linux, and mainframe.
  • An extensive knowledge of Job Control Language and the ability to develop or modify jobs in order to alter outcomes.
  • Excellent time and organizational management abilities.
  • Have an excellent analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting abilities.
  • Excellent oral and writing communication abilities, as well as the ability to communicate with audience from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.
  • The ability to work in a constantly available environment.
  • Being able to travel for up to 5% of the working year.
  • Have the ability to deliver seamless, dependable, perceptive, and resourceful (S.T.A.R.) customer service.

Insurance Agent – WoodmenLife Jobs

As a member of the WoodmenLife family, you will be surrounded by people who value family, community, and culture, just as much as you do. Through WoodmenLife, you will have the chance to socialize, support your community, and recognize influential people.

Since 1890, WoodmenLife, a not-for-profit life insurance provider, has been making a difference in communities all over America, by assisting in the financial security of families. The business is enthusiastic about its employees, serving the community, being open-minded, and creating a sense of cooperation and acceptance. Additionally, WoodmenLife offers its employees first-rate benefits.

Basic Requirements:

For this job position at WoodmenLife, some requirements are needed and they include the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in human resources, a related discipline, or an equal level of experience.
  • Two or more years of proven experience in human resources, especially in employee relations and leave management.
  • Be familiar with the laws and guidelines governing the FMLA, ADA, and worker’s compensation.
  • Proven experience in project and process management.
  • Strong interpersonal skills are essential to communicate with colleagues at all organizational levels. Possessing an open mind to new ideas and methods as well as the ability to deal with change and adjust when necessary.
  • The ability to remain productive amid challenging circumstances.
  • Able to establish great relationship with internal and/or external clients to ensure expectations are met.
  • The ability to cooperate with outside vendors.
  • Being able to focus efforts and time on the essential tasks required to accomplish business results.
  • Able and willing to advocate for corporate goals as their own.
  • Willing to design new techniques or restructure existing ones in order to deliver goods and services of the highest caliber.
  • The ability to safeguard the privacy of sensitive information.

Some other jobs that you can find available at WoodmenLife in major job listings include positions like; Life Insurance Agent, Director & Chief Internal Audit, Claims Support, Specialist, Manager Agile Business Analyst, Operations Technician, Software Engineer II or III, Agile Program Manager, etc.

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Career Benefits at WoodmenLife

The mission at WoodmenLife is to support you in living your best life both inside and outside of the company. You will observe the commitment to making sure you like your work and have enough of quality time for the people you love by giving an exceptional benefits package if you qualify. Some of these benefits include:

Uncapped Commission + Bonuses: While working any of the jobs at WoodmenLife, you have limitless earning potential and opportunities for several financial bonuses throughout the year with a 100% commission basis. You are paid for the job you produce, not for the number of hours you put in.

Health and Wellness: The company offers competitive health benefit packages for those who qualify, designed to support you and your family, they include: 401(k) with up to 5% match, Health insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, and Disability Insurance.

Training: In order to assist you in establishing an independent career, you will get training on the items that the company provides and the sales techniques we employ. You can also get in touch with a sales manager to help on your professional growth.

Growth Opportunities: There will be opportunities for you to progress. From inside the WoodmenLife Sales Force, leaders are promoted. In fact, both the current and former CEOs started off as sales representatives.


WoodmenLife respects the individual differences that people possess as well as the contributions that each person makes on the various jobs. The business is dedicated to diversity and to giving everyone the chance to grow, lead, and serve. Without regard to age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental impairment, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation, WoodmenLife considers all applicants for open positions.

WoodmenLife is far more concerned with you than simply your output in any of the jobs you handle at the company. By giving employees the chance to communicate and feel appreciated, the firm goes a long way in supporting its employees. The balance between your well-being and work-life are very important to the company.


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