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What Do Transportation Jobs Pay

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You may want to know what transportation jobs pay if you are looking to start a career in the transport industry. If you like driving, a job in the transportation industry could be right for you. In this sector, there are several career options, each with its own set of responsibilities.


You often need to be independent and self-directing for jobs in the transportation industry. Although it is common to start out in an entry-level role, as your experience grows you may have the chance to develop in your career and become a supervisor, driver trainer, safety officer, or truck dispatcher.

Transportation Jobs

A typical career in transportation is best suited to someone who is analytical, objective, and direct, because it usually requires sticking to set procedures and regulations. If you love repairing equipment using tools, machines, and instruments, transportation careers can be of interest to you. You can also be required to direct others and be in charge of organizing, coordinating, and choosing how you and others will operate.

What Do Jobs in Transportation Pay?

On average, transportation jobs pay $57,500 annually. However, there are other job options in the transportation industry. For instance, a seasoned pilot of an airplane employed by a reputable corporation may earn up to $142,000 annually in the transportation industry. An entry-level cab driver, on the other hand, only makes approximately $23,000 a year.

Here is a summarized list of some jobs in the transportation sector together with their estimated average annual income:

Job Position

Estimated Average Annual Income

Supply Chain Analyst


Transportation Engineer


Air Traffic Controller


Airplane Pilot


Traffic Engineer


Subway Train Operator


Transport Security Officer


Flight Attendant


Bus Driver


Taxi Driver



Is transportation a good field?

Businesses usually need to transport products and materials, and most people have locations they need to go. Because of this, a job in the transportation sector is quite stable. Additionally, this sector has several chances for development and expansion, which might increase the stability of your employment.

Careers in the transportation sector that pay well usually include jobs in businesses that provide air, train, road, sea, and other forms of public and private transportation for people and goods. Transportation jobs may also involve taking passengers on scenic and tourist trips.

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What exactly does a truck driver do?

As a truck driver, you could operate and drive vehicles across large distances to transfer commodities and goods. The majority of these vehicles are tractor-trailer, long-combination, and straight-body trucks, and they are frequently extremely large, weighing over 4500 kg.


In order to move products or cargo overseas, you could organize the logistics of your journey and get the necessary papers. Additionally, you can perform on-site material transportation and dumping duties in the mining or construction sectors.

Top Jobs in Transportation that Pay well

  • Dump truck driver

Average Annual Income: $57,458

The main responsibilities of Dump truck drivers include loading, hauling, and disposing of waste goods or materials from industrial or construction sites. They may get unique permissions to manage bills of lading, keep logbooks, and transport the cargoes.

  • Van driver 

Average Annual Income: $83,756

Among the transportation jobs that pay very well, the primary responsibilities in this position include driving vehicles, vans, and light trucks to pick up and distribute newspapers, bread and dairy goods, as well as stuff like packages and parcels. They may develop routes, transport items or sell things along the way by receiving and processing payments, and provide customer service in addition to loading and unloading the cargo.

  • Bus driver

Average Annual Income: $46,060

Transporting people along a route is a bus driver’s main responsibility. They may also drive a subway or other transit vehicles. Bus drivers are usually employed by urban transit systems, transportation agencies, private businesses, and school boards to convey patrons to nearby locations.

  • Transportation coordinator

Average Annual Income: $53,091

The primary obligations in this position include: Establishing schedule parameters entails looking into schedule requests, cargo, distances, and other crucial data when coordinating transportation. Using software, transportation planners may create new timetables or make changes to current ones.

  • Transportation driver

Average Annual Income: $48,360

Primary obligations: A transport driver may operate and drive straight trucks on short inter-urban routes and short hauls for local transportation. They could be responsible for monitoring the state of the vehicle in its whole, as well as how its equipment functions and how cargo is loaded and unloaded.

What transportation jobs have the best pay?

Some of the highest Paying Trucking Jobs in the transportation industry include: Owner-Operators, Oversized Load, Liquids / Tanker drivers,  Private Fleet, Specialty Vehicle Haulers, Team Drivers, Ice Road Drivers, and Mining Industry Drivers.

Who offers the best CDL driver salaries?

Driving an ice road truck: On a pay-per-season or time-period basis, ice road truckers make the greatest money in the trucking industry. Ice road truck drivers are in charge of moving cargo on solid ice throughout the winter, as the title of the position suggests.

What trucking jobs pay the most in transportation industry?

Heavy and tractor-trailer hired truck drivers, with a median annual compensation of $47,130, are the most sought-after trucking positions this year. With a median annual wage of $34,340, delivery truck drivers and driver/sales employees are another group.

Why do individuals pick jobs in transportation?

People who prefer to explore, work as a team, and see the results of their effort in the real world may seek professions in transportation. Careers in logistics and transportation provide the chance to work in a vibrant sector that is expanding. These jobs often provide a fast-paced setting with a range of daily responsibilities and difficulties. For some individuals, the following are some reasons for choosing a career in transportation:

  • New daily challenges

Transportation jobs with good pay usually need a lot of labor, and each day may bring a different challenge. For instance, workers in the transportation industry may deal with difficulties like bad weather. You may apply your problem-solving skills to find a solution under these circumstances that strikes a balance between efficiency and safety. Managing this kind of task might make you proud of yourself and experience great levels of job satisfaction.

  • Opportunity for career development

You have access to several transportation-related organizations that provide career advancement opportunities. You may gain new skills, develop leadership qualities, and push yourself to pursue promotions in these challenging workplaces. For instance, you may begin your job as a forklift operator but later develop the skills necessary to work your way up to become a distribution manager or warehouse supervisor.

  • Impact of your effort in real life

People frequently witness the effects of these transportation jobs that pay well in the real world. Everything you buy had to be carefully planned, moved, distributed, and transported before it could be found on your doorstep or at your favorite store, and that has an impact on the economy. Because you are in charge of ensuring the safety of both your passengers and others, choosing a transportation-related vocation has a noticeable real-world impact.

  • Being a team player

Complex systems, excellent cooperation, and communication are all required for careers in logistics and transportation. Whether you work as a forklift driver, a railway conductor, or a logistics analyst, your activities depend on and have an impact on other people. It is critical that you take pleasure in teamwork and functioning as an unified group.


For many people, transportation is essential to their everyday existence. People may travel where they need to go, and it helps the economy by ensuring that supplies and products reach their destinations on time. The transportation sector is expanding, with attractive pay, and also offers a variety of jobs for those with diverse skill sets, preferred schedules, hobbies, and aptitudes.

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