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What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay
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The Public Utilities Industry is a very large sector of an economy that offers a lot of different jobs that pay very attractive income to the workers in the industry. This industry is in charge of the distribution of public services, and the distribution of infrastructures of those services.


The Federal Government is the largest employer of labor in the Public Utilities sector, through its various departments. Research reports points out that the current number of workers in the United States serving in the Public Utilities sector is at about 675, 700.

Among the Public Utilities jobs that pay are: Construction jobs, Management jobs, Maintenance, Repair, and a lot more. Based on a recent survey on these Public Utilities jobs, the average annual pay is between $52,000 – $84,000.

Factors That Determine the Pay in Public Utilities Jobs

For Public Utilities jobs, the salaries not only depend on the job titles, but also on other different factors such as: location, Specialization, experience level, and educational background.

Location: For instance, in places like New Hampshire, Connecticut, California, etc. there exists a deregulated utility market. Therefore, knowing that the utilities companies in these states are faced with so many competitors, you can expect better salaries working in these locations.

Specialization: One of the major factors that determine your salary in this sector is the level of specialization skills you possess as required by the position you handle. For instance, A unique skill-set like electrical knowledge, balance, bravado, etc. is required of a powerline man, and you don’t readily find such skills in random individuals. As a result, the role will definitely pay very well to the person with the right skills required.

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Experience: It is obvious that in return for your expertise and service, the compensation that you receive is affected by your level of experience. Employers generally prefer to take someone who is already familiar with the technicalities of running the utilities operations.

Educational Background: As it has always been known, having a qualified educational background in any field gives you an edge in securing a high paying job in the specialist or managerial positions. But generally, the Utilities sector always have a position to offer everyone. Therefore, even when a person lacks any formal education, with the right skill-set, there will always be an opening.

Public Utilities Jobs That Pay Well

Let us now take a look at some of the best paying jobs in public utilities that rans at the top. We will get to look at and understand what the job titles are, the potential income made, and what the job actually all about.

  • Radiation Engineer

Among the top paying jobs in the public utilities industry is the Radiation Engineer position. Your main responsibility in this job position is to assess the level of impacts of radiation on different environments around, and in nuclear power facilities.

Radiation Engineers are typically required to possess a Bachelor’s degree as entry level for the position, and often earn a payment rate that spans around $104,000 annually.

  • Pipeline Controller

For individuals that enjoy a bit of traveling and field time, one of the best paying jobs in public utilities is the pipeline controller. The job position involves the observation of pipelines for any leakages, checking for efficient flow, and the management of a range of other systems to keep oil and natural gas moving efficiently as expected.


The pay rate is usually a very good one in this industry, with an annual payment of about $94,950 once you get your career moving.

  • Power Transmission Engineers

The basic requirements for this job position are a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in the area of electrical engineering, or any other related field. The educational background gives one in this position the right edge needed to maintain, design and inspect electrical structures like transmission lines and the likes. Power transmission engineers usually get a pay check of up to $91,200 as annual payment.

  • Utility Manager – What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

As a utility manager, your work is to make sure that any of the offered services is always made available to businesses and homes involved. In addition to that, you are also expected to oversee the running activities of the facilities in your industry to make sure all are properly operational as required.

Many utility managers usually start their career with a Bachelor’s degree, and then gather up more experience levels as they work their way into the role. once you reach this career level, it is very much possible to earn an annual payment of up to $86,900.

  • Power Systems Engineer

If you are interested in working for an energy company, then landing a job as a power systems engineer could actually be an excellent fit. As an engineer in this sector, you will have to spend most of your time focusing on power distribution, system design, feasibility studies, and electrical metering.

In order to get started in this field of work, a college degree is usually enough. The payment rate in this part of the industry is usually around $82,600 per year.

  • Electrical Engineer – What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

In the Public Utilities industry, Electrical Engineers are one of the most sought-after roles. They are especially in a very high demand in electrical power generation and distribution sectors of the industry. As an Electrical Engineer in any of the Public Utilities Jobs, you will get to earn as much as $80,000 annually.

  • Wind Turbine Technician

This role in the public utilities industry is a highly specialize job position that may likely have a limited number of openings. But then there are many more other jobs positions for technicians in the public utilities industry that pay very well, such as: repair technicians for specific machines, valve technicians, and so on. As a Wind Turbine Engineer in this sector, the expected average salary is about $50,000 per year.

The above highlighted job positions are only but just a representative of the wide range of available jobs in the industry and their salaries, starting from high paying specialist and managerial roles to the modestly paying technician and maintenance positions.

Other job positions in the public utilities industry include: Utilities installer, Plumber, Plant operator, Safety officer, Public utilities analyst, Equipment operator, Solar panel installer, Power system dispatcher, etc.


Jobs in the Public Utilities industry are very secure, safe, and pay quite well. Getting into this industry ate an entry level is also highly recommended, since the industry offers its workers the chance to grow. The vast array of available jobs is also another interesting benefit of the public utilities sector.

Therefore, it is necessary to point that anyone with some levels of required skills, experience, and qualifications, looking to start a career in any of the public utilities jobs, is likely to get one that pay an attractive salary in the industry.

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