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Private Banking Jobs NYC | Career Opportunties

Private Banking Jobs NYC
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Private banking NYC refers to the specialized financial products and services that most jobs in New York City retail banks and other financial institutions provide to their high-net-worth individual (HNWI) customers.


Numerous wealth management services are included, and they are all offered under one roof. Services offered by these private banking jobs, especially in New York City (NYC), include; trust and estate planning, tax services, insurance, and investment & portfolio management.

How Private Banking Works

Common financial services like checking and savings accounts are part of private banking, but with a more internal consultant: Each client has a “relationship manager” or “private banker” assigned to them to take care of everything.

Everything is handled by the private banker, from complex procedures like setting up a jumbo mortgage to the regular activities like making routine payments. Private banking, on the other hand, addresses a client’s overall financial condition and goes beyond CDs and safe deposit boxes.

Advice on financial planning and investment strategy, portfolio management, specialized financing choices, retirement planning, and wealth transfer are some examples of the specialized services involved in handling these private banking jobs in NYC.

Private Banking Jobs NYC

Even though a client may be able to do some private banking with $50,000 or less in investable assets, the majority of the financial institutions have a benchmark of six figures in investable assets, and certain exclusive financial institutions in the field only accept clients with at least $1 million to invest.

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It is generally known that NYC is a very active location for so many financial institutions. In New York City, NYC you will find a very high number of private banking jobs that are worth building a career around. In this article, we will look at the available private banking jobs in some of the top companies in NYC that you can find in major job listings in NYC. Now, let us dive right in!

WM- Private Bank – ED Banker

  • Company: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (part of JPMorgan Chase & Co)
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Salary Guide: $170,000 – $225,000 a year

Private Banking at J.P. Morgan is handled by The ED Banker. Through deep knowledge in investments, banking, trust services, and financial planning, the banker in this position works hard to drive new customer acquisition and client retention.

The customer service, and the using of available resources to create a comprehensive wealth management solution are the main responsibilities of this role.

In this role, you will be in charge of marketing and implementing investment, banking, and trust/estate solutions for key clients. You should be able to rely on and coordinate the skills of experts (investors, capital advisors, trust and estate advisors, and wealth advisors) in order to offer a broad knowledge to the most difficult customers.

Also, some other responsibilities attached to this job position includes; establishing trust with clients, and managing relationships well by handling each account to guarantee that the client has a comprehensive profile, is introduced to the relevant product specialists, and that accounts are properly managed and serviced.

Client Services and Sales Solutions – Analyst | Private Banking Jobs NYC

  • Company: Goldman Sachs
  • Job Type: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary
  • Salary Guide: $64,300 – $81,400 a year

You will be given serious consideration for several jobs inside the company that need this skill set if you apply for it. Please be aware that the division and function examples below are typical opportunities for this skill set. The list is not exhaustive, and the availability of open roles depends on the firm.


As an analyst in this role, you will work with the Asset Management Division in providing institutional and individual investors with investment and advisory solutions, with strategies spanning asset classes, industries, and geographies.

You will also work with the Personal Financial Management (PFM) which specializes in creating personalized wealth management plans for affluent individuals and families. And then you will work with the Private Wealth Management (PWM) that is in charge of securing, developing, and managing  relationships with high net worth individuals, their families, family offices and foundations.

Private Bank & Wealth – Relationship Associate #Hybrid

  • Company: Silicon Valley Bank
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Salary Guide: $55,000 – $67,000 a year

As a Relationship Associate, you will perform various financial and accounting tasks. You will be expected to work closely with senior teams, advising them on different reports, relevant financial data, and other best practices.

In this position, you will work to assure accuracy and compliance with internal and external regulations and also update the various supervisors on the status of running projects as needed.

Associate/Consultant, Climate & Sustainability | Private Banking Jobs NYC

  • Company: Boston Consulting Group
  • Job Type: Full-time, Internship
  • Salary Guide: $74,900 – $94,900 a year

In this position at BCG, You will play an important role on the team, working together with some of the brightest minds in the world on cutting-edge climate and sustainability topics.

You will work collaboratively with team members from a wide range of backgrounds to provide advice to customers from various sectors on how to effectively accomplish their sustainability objectives and net zero goals.

As a consultant in this field, you will work together on difficult projects with people from various backgrounds and specialties, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of complex business issues from a variety of angles as well as new knowledge and experience that will be useful to you at every stage of your career—at BCG and beyond.

Private Banking Associate

  • Company: Israel Discount Bank of New York, IDB
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Salary Guide: $70,000 – $95,000 a year

This is an entry-level employment that provides recent graduates with the chance to learn about private banking (investments, credit, etc..) and advance in the US private banking industry.

  • Assemble and follow up on the paperworks needed to create new accounts.
  • Collect data to support the extension of new credit and its renewal.
  • Make sure that customer inquiries regarding statements, balances, and improper charges are followed up on.
  • Gather data based on demands for compliance.
  • Entering system data.
  • Follow up on client concerns including credit cards, ATM cards, loan statements, etc. with the back office.
  • Verify requests for manual wiring.

The assistance that the banker will receive from the private banking associate will enable them to progress in a number of opportunities in their pipeline and free up some time for them to pursue more business. The following are some examples of the assistance the associate will provide:

Other Available NYC Private Banking Jobs

Private banking jobs in the job market, especially in NYC are numerous, almost beyond count and this is as a result of the need for so many financial expertise by individuals and corporate firms. Some other available job positions in this field include;

  • Wealth Management – International Private Bank – LatAm South Partner Coverage – Investment Specialist Associate (JPMorgan Chase Bank)
  • Private Bank Latin Events Analyst (JPMorgan Chase Bank)
  • WM- Private Bank – Private Bank Professional- NY (JPMorgan Chase Bank)
  • Private Equity Analyst/Associate: Japan Business Coverage Team (Neuberger Berman)
  • Investment Banking Full-Time Analyst Program (NOMURA)
  • Economic Affairs Officer (United Nations)
  • Chase Corporate Strategy – Associate (JPMorgan Chase Bank)
  • Deutsche Bank dbAchieve Program – Investment Bank: Fixed Income & Currencies (Deutsche Bank)
  • Fixed Income – Sales and Trading Analyst (Mizuho Americas)
  • Graduate Talent Program – Chief Operating Office, Investment Bank (UBS)
  • Executive Team Assistant (UBS)
  • Private Bank, Managed Solutions Specialist, Analyst/Associate (JPMorgan Chase Bank) etc.


The jobs being handled in Private banking, especially in NYC, goes a long way to offer clients a variety of perks, privileges, and personalized service, which has become an increasingly prized commodity in an automated, digitized banking world. However, there are always advantages to both the private bank clients as well as the banks themselves.

We may not possible be able to touch all the jobs available in the private banking industry as regards to New York City (NYC), but by now you should be able to know where to look if you intend to start a career in the industry within NYC.


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