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Marketing Jobs | Best Career Opportunities

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There are a lot of marketing jobs available with high earning potential, whether you are skilled in writing, graphic design, leadership, analytics, or others. The marketing industry is open with so many opportunities for people with a variety of abilities.


Nearly every educational background can benefit from opportunities in marketing. There are various specializations that you may apply your education in, whether it be marketing, business, English, or art. Many marketing positions differ from company to company, so read job descriptions carefully to be sure you are applying for the right role.

In contrast to other professions like engineering or health care, where entry-level jobs may pay well, in marketing your earning potential rises as you develop more expertise. In this article, several marketing positions with significant earning potential are discussed, and you may decide if any of them are a suitable fit for you.

Best Paying Marketing Jobs

Many marketing jobs have different names, but with slightly similar duties attached to them. Here are some very lucrative and interesting jobs in the marketing industry which you may like to consider:

  • Public relations manager

Average annual income: $56,500

Companies with available openings: Golin, The Salvation Army, Highwire Public Relations

Basic responsibilities: The public face of a corporation is always managed by public relations professionals. Writing press releases, cultivating ties with influential media, and handling potentially harmful situations are among the jobs they accomplish.

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  • Web content specialist

Average annual income: $51,700

Companies with available openings: Verizon, Compass, Vail Resorts

Basic responsibilities: Specialists in online content creation create copy for websites that promote a company’s brand. Using content calendars, they often plan, investigate, and organize numerous content pieces. Web content specialists create materials for the company’s website that will rank well in search engines, such as blog posts, white papers, e-books, and web copy, using search engine optimization best practices.

  • Marketing executive

Average annual income: $57,000

Companies with available openings: Melaleuca, Acquia, MGM Resorts International

Basic responsibilities: Account executives, often known as marketing executives, are employed by advertising agencies and companies. They deal with clients and consumers and develop relationships with them by staying in close contact, creating marketing plans, and running campaigns. Employees with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to understand how marketing campaigns function would do well in this role.

  • Media planner

Average annual income: $57,600

Companies with available openings: Crossmedia, Clutch, WorkReduce

Basic responsibilities: Media planners are in charge of choosing the best distribution patterns, windows of time, and media types for a marketing campaign. Generally, they serve one or more customers while working for marketing or advertising companies.

  • SEO specialist – Marketing Jobs

Average annual income: $55,700

Companies with available openings: Jerry, Splunk, Directive

Basic responsibilities: Specialists in search engine optimization evaluate and enhance digital content in order to rank highly in search engine results. SEO experts evaluate and analyze data to identify patterns in order to determine how to best generate traffic to the company’s website. They also provide data analysis both during and after the execution of sponsored search campaigns. If an SEO professional has great analytical, critical-thinking, and technological abilities, they will succeed.

  • Digital community manager

Average annual income: $48,000


Companies with available openings: Cardinal Group Companies, Chase, Bell Partners Inc.

Basic responsibilities: A brand or company’s online communities is developed and maintained by community managers. This term may also refer to a person who is in charge of representing a business on online platforms including social media, reviews, forums, and more.

  • Digital marketing coordinator

Average annual income: $57,500

Companies with available openings: 3Q Digital, VMware, RevLocal

Basic responsibilities: To ensure that marketing campaigns are carried out properly, digital marketing coordinators work closely with various other marketing jobs. They establish and maintain campaign deadlines, control the budget, and supervise campaign coordination from beginning to end. To succeed in this position, digital marketers need strong organizational, time management, and communication abilities.

  • Content marketing manager

Average annual income: $58,500

Companies with available openings: Skilljar, Profound Strategy, Cozymeal

Basic responsibilities: For a business to achieve its sales objectives, content marketing managers are in charge of creating and implementing content marketing strategy. A variety of technologies are used to deliver content, which might include blogs, videos, pictures, infographics, and more.

  • Content marketer

Average annual income: $65,400

Companies with available openings: Cigna, Profound Strategy, Twilio

Basic responsibilities: Whitepapers, blogs, ebooks, video scripts, and website copy are just a few of the several types of material that content marketers, also known as copywriters, produce. In order to have their material ranked highly in the search engines, content marketers frequently have extensive knowledge of both the business they operate in and SEO best practices. For this position, you should be imaginative, a great researcher, and meticulous.

  • Brand manager – Marketing Jobs

Average annual income: $65,500

Companies with available openings: KPMG, Victoria’s Secret, Live Nation

Basic responsibilities: The creation and maintenance of a brand’s reputation is the duty of brand managers. In order to strengthen and strategically position a brand in the market, they will partner with the design, marketing research, and public relations department.

  • Marketing analyst

Average annual income: $66,100

Companies with available openings: Citi, Psomas, Brown-Forman

Basic responsibilities: Customer satisfaction surveys, competition analyses, and product testing are all activities that marketing analysts handle. Marketing analysts track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to identify trends and traits that make them successful. They are also responsible for identifying possible marketing difficulties and pointing out solutions.

Some other top marketing jobs you may wish to consider in this field include: Account manager, Social media manager, Global marketing manager, Digital strategist, Marketing director, Data analyst, Business analyst, Product marketing manager, etc..


Employees in marketing jobs help to raise awareness and promote their organization. There are many ways that a business may promote its products or services, but a successful marketing team needs individuals with a variety of skills to work in a wide range of marketing positions, including content creation, public relations, and brand management.

There are a few typical categories of professionals in these marketing jobs, and each one contributes to a distinct stage of a marketing campaign, such as planning, producing, or evaluating the outcomes.

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