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Maintenance Jobs | High Paying Job Opportunities

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Maintenance jobs are usually professional roles where employees work efficiently in order to ensure that machines, grounds, tools, buildings, or the general working environment are kept in good condition. Employees in maintenance may be required to clean, examine, arrange, maintain, or make repairs in this position.


Some maintenance experts do routine maintenance and repairs for homes or businesses. Other maintenance specialists focus on examining, maintaining, and keeping particular sorts of tools or devices, such as electronics, mills, industrial machinery, or airplanes.

High Paying Maintenance Jobs

For workers to would like to take up a career in maintenance jobs, here are some high paying jobs in this sector which you may like to consider:

Industrial mechanic

Estimated Income: $61,200 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

An industrial mechanic inspects, maintains, and repairs machinery used in manufacturing facilities or processes. They could also be involved in pipeline maintenance jobs that carries crude oil or other natural resources to and from refineries.

In this position, you will perform diagnostic tests on machinery to identify what repairs need to be made. You will also examine technical manuals for details on particular machines, replace or upgrade parts, and clean or lubricate machinery.

Facilities manager – Maintenance Jobs

Estimated Income: $61,350 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

Facilities managers oversee the operations and maintenance jobs of commercial sites. A facilities manager is in charge of both smaller building maintenance projects and ongoing maintenance or repairs. They oversee both project budgets and employee schedules for the preservation of their properties.

Other obligations include maintaining buildings in compliance with building codes, using outside contractors to handle maintenance or repair work, ensuring that their properties abide by any local or federal health rules, and keeping accurate records of maintenance work and payments.

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Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers

Estimated Income: $61,450 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

Installing, testing, repairing, and maintaining systems that convey communication networks, including internet routers and phone connections, is the responsibility of a telecommunications equipment installer and repairer. Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, often known as telecom technicians, may specialize in maintaining communication networks for a particular type of place, such as private residences or distribution facilities.

Telecom technicians may carry out their tasks on structures or systems that are still being built, as well as work to enhance or fix current telecommunications networks. Other duties include calibrating tools to see whether they require upgrades or repairs, carefully documenting their previous work, and going over instruction manuals for certain pieces of technology.

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers

Estimated Income: $62,000 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers assemble, test, maintain, and repair electronic equipment and systems. Some electrical and electronics installers and repairers specialize in installing and maintaining a particular sort of equipment, such as tools that use electric motors or machinery found at generating stations, as well as doing repairs and maintenance jobs on that equipment.

These experts usually use a variety of tools, including those that depend on software, like multimeters, to assess and repair machines. Depending on their specialty, an electrical and electronics installation and repairer’s duties may involve listening to their clients’ demands, disassembling equipment to check components or replacing them, working with other experts like electricians, and keeping detailed records.


Maintenance planner

Estimated Income: $66,900 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

The maintenance employees of an organization, together with their jobs are usually managed and organized by a maintenance planner. Maintenance planners often work for manufacturing companies, but they may also be able to find work at other sizable companies that have equipment or grounds that need routine maintenance.

Maintenance planners manage the maintenance budget, schedule shifts for various maintenance workers and projects, produce cost estimate reports for employers, and monitor supplier inventory levels, among other functions.

Aircraft mechanic – Maintenance Jobs

Estimated Income: $66,950 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

On aircraft, including helicopters, jets, and airplanes, aviation mechanics inspect, repair, and carry out maintenance or upgrades. However, some aircraft mechanics may find employment opportunities elsewhere, such as on military bases. Most aircraft mechanics work at air transport repair and maintenance facilities located close to airports.

Some aircraft mechanics, also known as aviation maintenance technicians, are experts in a particular area, such as an aircraft’s airworthiness or capacity for safe flight. Depending on their area of expertise and the type of aircraft they are working on, responsibilities may include testing particular aircraft components, removing and replacing parts, ensuring that the aircraft complies with local and federal safety regulations, and keeping track of all maintenance jobs done.

Line installer and repairer

Estimated Income: $68,000 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

An electrical power system and cable technician, installer, and repairer performs these tasks. The majority of line installers and repairers are experts in working with either high-voltage electrical lines or telecommunication cables. Since these maintenance jobs on lines can be challenging, many of these experts also focus on installing or repairing cables.

Depending on their area of expertise, line installers and repairers may be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as stringing power lines between poles or towers, checking the efficiency of individual cables or components, installing underground cables in trenches, and safely operating power equipment.

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Maintenance manager

Estimated Income: $83,250 per year

Basic Responsibilities:

At either commercial or residential facilities, a maintenance manager is in charge of all personnel and activities connected to maintenance or repairs. The majority of repairs and maintenance jobs are usually carried out by maintenance managers who oversee a smaller facility on their own.

In bigger facilities, maintenance managers may hire external vendors or supervise an internal team of maintenance workers. Depending on the scale of the facility they oversee, a maintenance manager’s duties may include hiring or training internal staff, ensuring that workers and contractors adhere to safety regulations, keeping an eye on maintenance supply levels, and issuing work orders.

Other Maintenance Jobs with substantial pay rates

The average annual wage for a general maintenance and repair worker is $40,850, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here are some other maintenance positions that offer earnings above the national average for workers in general maintenance and repair:

  • Automotive body and glass repairer
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Equipment service technician
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Automotive mechanic
  • Millwright
  • Air conditioning technician, etc..


A maintenance personnel is in charge of maintaining the functionality of a facility, and fixing any issues as soon as they are found before they have a chance to get worse. A maintenance technician will often need to handle a variety of maintenance jobs all across a site. They must fix appliances, heating systems, plumbing, and wiring, check structures for compliance with safety regulations, and schedule significant repairs with building occupants.

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