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Khaite Jobs | The Khaite Fashion Brand Jobs

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Khaite Jobs: KHAITE is a high-end women’s ready-to-wear and accessories business brand that modernizes vintage American sportswear for the twenty-first century.


It’s safe to say that practically all women have some of Khaite’s accessories and outfits in their closets. Khaite has had the honor of dressing many wonderful women and has diverse clients of equally amazing women. Khaite can be seen being worn by a variety of ladies on the street.

When a paparazzi photo of actress Katie Holmes wearing a cashmere bra and sweater set from Khaite went viral online, the items sold out and the brand became extremely popular.

Khaite produces more than simply lovely clothes. They also produce accessories, and in our opinion, Khaite will soon dominate the fashion industry for women.

Now let us dive in and take a look at some of the jobs available in the Khaite fashion industry, and the basic requirements of these jobs.

Khaite Jobs

Some of the jobs in this field are as listed below.

Senior Client Advisor

OBJECTIVE: You will represent the brand as a Senior Customer Advisor by making sure that each client is serviced in accordance with KHAITE standards. You will also work to understand your customers and their individual needs in order to successfully guide them across all of the brand’s categories.

As a Senior client advisor, you will serve as an example to the group and assist your management team as needed with operational tasks. In order to accomplish both individual and group objectives, you will consistently and proactively reach out to your consumers.

Computer proficient: familiarize yourself with the use of computer systems and how to use a variety of computer applications.

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Ability to work a flexible schedule based on company needs, including nights, weekends, and holidays will be needed as well. Also, in this job role, you will be expected to have a passion for luxury products and an understanding of design. Foreign language proficiency will also be an added advantage, as KHAITE is an employer that values diversity.

It may be important to note that not all job responsibilities are listed in this job description. Management may request additional tasks from employees. At any moment, the employer has the right to modify this job description.

Financial Controller – Khaite Jobs

The job of a Financial Controller in this field involves working with the director of finance to understand and put cost structures in place so that operating management has valuable information about their businesses.

The Financial Controller will also be in charge of tasks that might call for more advanced accounting skills or involve more sensitive information.

Customer Service Coordinator

The customer service coordinator will be in charge of giving consumers first-rate customer assistance via phone, SMS, and email.

This positions also require you to drive to reach KPIs, such as sales, quality, and productivity targets, while supporting the department’s overall objectives. You are expected to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, show compassion, and offer intelligent and timely solutions.

In Khaite jobs, the customer service coordinator is expected to provide the product, marketing, and technology teams with highly strategic and cogent ideas for customer queries and service trends.


This role in Khaite jobs also requires you to have the ability to troubleshoot and address faults with products or services. Also, keep track of client information and update them, depending on interactions. In order to guarantee that problems impacting consumer purchases and returns are rectified, you will be expected to coordinate with other internal departments.

The position involves active participation in processing of orders, and other day-to-day activities with retail partners. Having a related level of experience with Shopify, STORM, and Salesforce in the premium market for at least two years is desirable.

In this job position, you should be ready and willing to work flexible hours, even on weekends (Note: The work schedule may change at busy times).

Logistics Coordinator

Ideal applicants should also be proficient with computers and have prior experience entering information and making updates into logistics software on a regular basis.

In Khaite jobs description, a Logistics Coordinator is required to manage warehouse deadlines, track wholesale and online orders, and carry out refunds and reorders.

Also, they are in charge of Management of inventories and updated style information. 1-2 years of minimum relevant experience may be required for this role. An experience with the use of RLM, Joor, and Shopify platforms will also be a plus in this role.

Some of the major requirements of the job is to have strong interpersonal and organizational skills; the capacity to meet deadlines; Strong time management abilities, and the ability to function in a dynamic, hurried, multi-channel setting.

Senior Manager – Khaite Jobs

The Senior Manager of CRM is essential to Khaite’s attempts to put the customer first.

In order to assist Khaite communicate the appropriate message with the right consumer, they use their first party data as a competitive advantage, and promote customer centricity, the ideal applicant will have expertise managing personalization at scale.

To design ideas and suggest techniques and enhancements that may be used to assist, promote customer acquisition, and direct sales, the senior manager must have a thorough understanding of the luxury consumer as well as direct marketing strategy.

Working together with the VIP and e-commerce teams, the senior manager is expected to manage the implementation roadmap and strategy for Salesforce.

7+ years of CRM and email marketing experience with a bachelor’s degree (luxury retail experience preferred) may also be required for this position.

Personal Shopper

In your role as a personal shopper for online orders, you will become familiar with every item in the store and assist your online clients in selecting the items for their dinner tables.

Customers will order products from a well-known grocery shop, and an order with all the necessary information will be transmitted to your Android phone.

Based on research and job listings, other Jobs and positions opened for applications in Khaite include:

  • Product Development Manager
  • Production Coordinator
  • Department Manager
  • Client Advisor
  • Stock Associate
  • Financial Planning Analyst
  • Assistant Store Director, etc.


It has been since 2019 that Actress Katie Holmes first wore a cashmere Khaite bra and cardigan while walking through New York City, and the brand swiftly rose to the top of the fashion set’s must-have list. So many jobs have been created by the Khaite brand, and a lot of individuals have been benefiting in various ways from these jobs and the value it adds to their personalities.

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