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How to Delete a Job Post on LinkedIn

How to Delete a Job Post on LinkedIn
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As a recruiter, you may want to delete the job post which you created on LinkedIn after you have got the required service(s) providers, since you have already got what you want.


You don’t have to keep any job postings you created on LinkedIn for the longest if you don’t want to. You can require the services of an entrepreneur in the LinkedIn community whether you’re a recruiter, an agent for hiring staff members, or a sole proprietor.

This article not only addresses this topic by offering a concise way, but it also tells you how to remove a job from your profile if it is no longer relevant for your career.

In this article, you will also learn the solutions to several queries that relates to how you can delete a job post on LinkedIn. So without further ado, let us proceed.

Why Should a LinkedIn Job Post be Deleted?

One of the most career-focused and career-optimizing social networking markets online is LinkedIn. Connecting service seekers and service suppliers is one fantastic feature of LinkedIn. This is accomplished while still permitting social contact and the expansion of a person’s network.

By only subscribing to post a job on LinkedIn, users may actively utilize a variety of digital services.

After a given period of time, however, depending on whether the positions for the people needed are filled; the demand for the service has gone; or the overall response to the job post is no longer encouraging; or for any other reason at all, the recruiter may have to delete such a job post on the LinkedIn network.


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In order to eliminate duplication on the platform, outdated job postings must be deleted. The procedure for doing this (deleting a job on LinkedIn) is described below.

How to Delete a Job Post on LinkedIn

When using a personal computer or a mobile device, the procedure for removing a job post on LinkedIn varies a little bit.

Now let us look at how to use a mobile device to get a job posting on LinkedIn removed.

On a Mobile Device

  1. Locate and start up the LinkedIn App: Go to the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and tap to launch the app.
  2. Locate and Open the Job Section: To open the job section, look for the icon and click the job icon. The icon resembles a suitcase.
  3. Click to open the “More Options”: You may locate the More icon, which looks like three horizontally placed dots (•••), next to the search bar. To access the More menu, simply tap on the icon.
  4. Select “Manage Jobs”: In order to open up your job posts, select “Manage Jobs” from the list of options that are made available under the “More Options” section.
  5. Select the Job Post to be Deleted: Once you’ve chosen Manage Jobs, look for the job post or postings that should be removed.  when you find the job post, select the “More option” which is next to the job title on the right.
  6. Delete the Selected Job Post: A menu with “Manage Jobs” as part of its options will be opened once you select “More”. Proceed to select “Close job” by tapping on the “Manage job” option. At this point, you will be required to verify if you wish to carry out the action. You will have to tap on “Close Job” again to proceed with this action.

The job post will be deleted from LinkedIn once the whole process is completed successfully.

On a Personal Computer

  1. Locate and Open the LinkedIn platform: If you don’t already have the program installed on your computer, open your web browser on your personal computer and type in the URL for LinkedIn to start accessing the platform. Or Simply click the LinkedIn application to launch it if you already have the application installed on your PC.
  2. Select “Manage Job Posts”: Locate the “Manage Job Posts” option on the homepage and click on it.
  3. Locate and select the job you wish to delete: select the More option on the right side of the title of the job after you have located the job you want to delete.
  4. Proceed to delete the selected job posting: By clicking on “More”, a menu will be opened up. From the options in the menu, select the “Manage job” icon. Then you can now click on “Close Job”. Once again click on “Close Job” to verify that the procedure has been completed. By doing this, the selected job post will be successfully deleted.

Things to Consider Before You Delete a LinkedIn Job Post

  1. When a job post is deleted, it will no longer appear in job searches. This will also stop someone from applying for the position again.
  2. On LinkedIn, you may still view the results for the job applications. However, if the job posting was done in a fashion that caused an application to be forwarded to another website via a link, LinkedIn will not be able to view the applicant results.
  3. There is no way to undo this process. A post can’t be recovered after deleting.

Can LinkedIn automatically delete a job post?

LinkedIn administrators have the access to automatically delete job posts. Several factors make this possible. The following explains a few of these factors.

  • If the company or brand recruitment membership has expired and was not renewed, LinkedIn may remove the job posting.
  • If the tenure for the job has long passed, LinkedIn staff members may remove the posting for that reason as well. LinkedIn can automatically delete a job post after some time has passed, after the end of the tenure of the job position. This will cut down on the unnecessary information on LinkedIn.
  • When a specific job posting is flagged as fraudulent and it turns out to be true, the administrators on LinkedIn can immediately delete the post.


LinkedIn is a great resource for locating the best digital service providers. You may quickly create a simple job posting to encourage people to apply for the position you wish to fill. But you shouldn’t have to deal with irrelevant applications, especially if there are plenty of candidates to pick from and the application deadline is still open. You may delete the job post on LinkedIn by following a few easy actions, in order to clear your space of unnecessary clutter.

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