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Data Entry Jobs are most often regarded as clerical office job positions that involve the input of data into computer system through typing or audio commands. On a more advanced level, it also involves transcription of meetings or audio files, coding of insurance forms, scanning of the documents, and conversion of PDF to Word documents or vice versa.


Consequently, a data entry job involves converting data from one form to another. You will often be required to use a variety of technological devices, as well as paper or electronic files, when conducting data entry tasks. The typical requirements for data entry jobs are a diploma degree in any discipline and a fast typing speed rather than prior experience per se.

The payment method for data entry work can be specified based on the project, hourly rate, word, or minute rate of keystrokes. The payout rate is often determined by the typing speed, thus the faster one can type and submit the data, the more likely it is that he or she would earn.

Data Entry Jobs

The field of data entry jobs is extremely broad; all you need to do is make sure the data is entered accurately and quickly, or converted from one form to another. Despite the fact that not all may have been covered here, here are some examples of data entry jobs:

General Data Entry Jobs

These types of data entry roles are rather popular, and you’re frequently required to type at a rate of 20–30 words per minute. The following are some important general data jobs:

Simple data entry jobs – This type usually involves reading data from a PDF or paper copy and entering it into a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document.

Basic data entry jobs – involve entering information from a PDF or paper copy into the cells of a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet.

Typist – This involves writing email bodies, letters, and reports, to mention a few. It is also known as a word processor. Consequently, for this profession, you need to be familiar with technical terms, accurate formatting, and grammar and syntactic guidelines.

Data cleaning – often known as data scrubbing, is the process of locating and eliminating mistakes from a database, table, or plain text document.

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Online Data Entry Jobs

These types of data entry work are not confined to an office environment; all that is needed to complete the tasks is a laptop or PC with a strong WiFi connection. The following are some noteworthy online data jobs:

Online filling of forms – involves carefully inputting data from a number of large data sheets or documents into the form’s fields so as not to tamper with the information.

Online surveys – This involves completing online forms by responding to a series of questions. This just takes 5–15 minutes, yet businesses that rely on public relations and client testimonials frequently demand it.

Micro-data Entry Roles

This kind of data entry work involves performing the Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) set by the owners, often known as micro-data entry work. The following are some significant micro-data jobs:

Entry jobs with Captcha – This work usually involves typing characters such as numbers, letters, and other alphanumeric data into captcha fields.

Copy and Paste Tasks – These include copying data from a source, such as an Excel sheet or a simple Word document, and pasting it into a different document.

Captioning – Writing captions or headers for media updates, a picture, or a banner generally requires both intellectual and creative reasoning, which makes these professions difficult to come by.


Data Formatting Jobs

These kind data entry jobs frequently involve editing written data more so than actually entering or inputting the data. The following are some significant data formatting jobs:

Editing and Formatting jobs – involves the editing and formatting of text in a document, in order to identify and fix any syntax or grammatical errors.

Correcting and Reformatting Jobs – These duties involve editing and modifying already written data, lengthy forms, or documents. A few examples include adjusting alignment, layout, and font size.

Files Conversion Jobs

These data entry jobs usually demand the conversion of files between various file formats. The following are some major file conversion jobs:

Picture-to-text Data Entry Jobs – This type of work is involves trying to interpret information from photographs and entering it into a basic document like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, where the information might range from simple and direct English to complex technical vocabulary.

Voice-to-Text Data Entry Jobs – These tasks involve converting information from an audio file to text-based document, while at the same time, listening to the audio file. Both excellent listening abilities and a command of regional accents are necessary for this.

Clerical Data Entry Roles

These data entry roles demand data entering into an offline register or online program. The following are some major data entry clerk jobs:

Hospital jobs – involve inputting patient information and reports into Excel sheets or the hospital’s specialized software.

Municipal Jobs – This includes inputting information into records kept by municipal offices, such as those for birth certificates, legal papers, and town records, to mention a few.

Medical Data Entry Positions

These data entry positions are among the most challenging and require very efficient transcribing skills. The following are some well-known medical data entry jobs:

Medical transcription jobs – involves listening to audio files and turning them into documents with text as the main format. For effective work, you must be familiar with medical lingo and terminology.

Medical coding jobs – entail putting operations, diagnoses, and medical services into codes that can be read by computers.

Estimated Income for Data Entry Positions

While working as a data entry personnel, your salary may vary based on your typing abilities, experience, and work hours. Here is how likely it is that you will get paid:

  • Some businesses pay between $0.60 and $1 for every audio minute. Even if you are just starting out and cannot type at that speed, you may still make an average monthly income of $100.
  • Professionals who can type quickly and accurately can easily make up to $200 per month working as a data entry clerk.
  • You may receive assignments for long audio calls while working part-time, you could make up to $20 per hour of audio.

The length of audio files or the number of keystrokes usually determine how much money is paid for data entry jobs. Based on the fact that a professional can do a task in one hour while a novice will take up to two hours on the same job, it is not dependent on your working hours. In order to earn more money in less time, you must improve your data entry skills.


Compared to other jobs, data entry is a relatively simple task. These can be challenging though if you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge. A data entry job may need a person to have a variety of fundamental skills, including typing, attentiveness, computer and technical ability, communication, and multitasking.

There are several trustworthy home-based data entry jobs available online. However, like with any other profession, there are a lot of frauds as well.

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