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Civil Engineering Jobs | Top Career Opportunities

Civil Engineering Jobs
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Civil engineering jobs mainly involves the designing and building of roads, buildings, structures, and other infrastructure such as dams and bridges. While some professionals coordinate or manage engineering teams and projects, others specialize in a particular area of civil engineering, such as structural engineering.

If you are considering a career in any of the civil engineering jobs, you might be interested in learning about some high-paying positions in this technical sector and their estimated income.

In order to help you understand your earning potential in this career field, we will be looking at a list of some of the high paying Civil Engineering jobs in this article.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Here are some of the highest paid jobs in the civil engineering sector, with average yearly incomes above the $84,502 average for civil engineers. Visit here to see most updated salary information.

Structural engineer

Estimated income: $87,170 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

A civil engineer with a focus on designing structures like buildings and bridges is known as a structural engineer. To understand project designs and requirements, they team up with architects and contractors. A structural engineer determines the load for various structural components, such as beams or foundations, using those designs and models.

They keep in mind numerous factors, including earthquakes and storms, that might affect the structural integrity of a building. To choose the ideal materials for a project, they examine different materials including steel and concrete.

Facilities engineer

Estimated income: $88,960 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

Building infrastructure or equipment is designed, implemented, and maintained by a facilities engineer. To calculate project expenses, these engineers assess materials and resources. They organize and create the layout, enlargement, or restructuring of buildings or machinery.

Among these civil engineering jobs, a facilities engineer evaluates procedures, systems, or designs and offers suggestions for enhancements. They guarantee that a building’s infrastructure complies with local laws and building rules. Civil engineering graduates with a background in facilities engineering usually focus on creating designs for high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, or healthcare facilities.

Senior civil engineer

Estimated income: $91,500 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

Infrastructure projects for the public or private sector are implemented under the supervision of a senior civil engineer. They set project goals, develop schedules, and manage engineering teams that may include civil engineers, technologists, and land surveyors. In order to keep projects within their budgets, senior civil engineers generally design budgets and find cost-effective solutions.

They often visit job sites to check on the progress of the work and ensure that the employees are following the design specifications. To maintain compliance with regulations, they ensure that engineers and contractors adhere to safety procedures when working on construction sites.

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Materials engineer – Civil Engineering Jobs

Estimated income: $93,570 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

In order to understand a material’s performance and uses, a materials engineer creates and tests the material. On many projects, including buildings and highways, materials engineers usually collaborate closely with civil engineers. Based on the materials’ properties and texture, they choose the ideal ones to use for a project.

They conduct cost analyses and create project material budgets. In civil engineering jobs, these engineers create materials and test them to see how well they can withstand pressure or other factors. To ascertain how resources and materials may affect the environment, they may carry out studies or study.

Engineering project manager

Estimated income: $94,000 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

An engineering project is planned and executed out by an engineering project manager. These experts may have a specialization in civil engineering, which involves directing groups of civil engineers and supervising infrastructure projects. They assign resources, manage schedules, set project standards, and prepare budgets.

Engineers and other team members are given assignments by engineering project managers. To finish projects by the deadlines, these experts keep an eye on a team’s productivity and recommend solutions to issues like shipment delays. In order to communicate with clients or other stakeholders, they generate progress reports and status updates.

Civil supervisor – Civil Engineering Jobs

Estimated income: $96,180 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

A civil supervisor is responsible for managing the execution of civil engineering projects like repairing bridges or expanding airports. In order to ensure that construction work complies with the standards and specifications of the project plan, civil supervisors work with general contractors, subcontractors, and other engineers.

They make trips to building sites in a bid to perform visual assessments. In this position among the civil engineering jobs, the civil supervisor works to guarantee that contractors carry out work in line with regulations and local laws. Inspectors may meet with civil supervisors to ask questions about a project, such as how it will affect the environment.

Senior civil designer

Estimated income: $96,690 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

A senior civil designer supervises a group of designers and leads design plans for infrastructure projects. To assure compliance with building rules and secure permits for proposed projects, they examine drawings and models.

A senior civil designer keeps up-to-date knowledge of local, state, or federal regulations in order to offer guidance and respond to queries from other designers. Government agencies might have their plans for approval. They often recruit, train, and build a team of civil designers, formulate and implement budgets, and make work schedules.

City engineer – Civil Engineering Jobs

Estimated income: $106,700 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

A civil engineer working for the city government is known as a city engineer. Projects involving public infrastructure, such highways, bridges, and tunnels, are designed by them. To assess a project’s feasibility, city engineers review information and maps and conduct research (such as soil testing).

In order to ensure the proper use of tax dollars from the general public, they evaluate the costs of materials, resources, and construction. These engineers create reports and inform the public and city officials on the progress of a project while it is being implemented.

Engineering manager

Estimated income: $110,470 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

Among these civil engineering jobs, an engineering manager is responsible for managing a group of engineers and organizes projects. These experts work together with clients, stakeholders, contractors, and others to define a project’s requirements. They recruit, develop, and supervise a group of engineers. They assign tasks, set priorities, and keep a close watch on the work of the engineers.

When required, engineering managers can assist engineers with their technical queries and provide feedback or solutions. Some engineering managers are experts at managing these kinds of infrastructure projects and have civil engineering background.

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Director of engineering

Estimated income: $139,450 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

An organization’s engineering division is headed by a director of engineering. They can be a civil engineer with years of experience, which enables them to offer suggestions for projects involving civil engineering and respond to queries from engineers. Engineers may be hired, trained, and developed, and their performance may be evaluated.

In the field of civl engineering jobs, a director of engineering creates and delivers a budget to top business executives in addition to establishing departmental goals. They create and uphold rules or regulations for the engineering division, such as safety regulations or quality assurance procedures.

Vice President of engineering

Estimated income: $181,200 per annum

Basic Responsibilities:

A company’s engineering department and projects are often managed by a vice president of engineering, who is generally an executive staff. An engineering vice president with skills in civil engineering may work for organizations that design, plan, and construct infrastructure or facilities for both public and private use.

In order to establish the company’s long-term and short-term goals, these high-level professionals usually take part in strategic planning. To ensure that teams working on any of the civil engineering jobs complete projects effectively and achieve business goals, they work together with engineering directors or managers.


The creation of a city, county, or state’s network of roads, tunnels, bridges, and buildings depends heavily on civil engineers. Engineers in Civil engineering jobs usually get to manage constructions or maintenance in the commercial sector or in the public sector, where they enforce safety standards and follow state and federal laws. These experts can decide to specialize in a broad scope like management or they can narrow their focus by working as design or geotechnical engineers.

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