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Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities | The Top Ranks

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To speak about the best paying jobs in public utilities, we must have to consider the very critical services being offered by these jobs to communities, thereby supporting everyone in the area. The jobs are usually very lucrative, giving room for you to meet your personal financial needs.


Checking out options in public utilities is therefore worthwhile for someone who is looking to start a new career. Here is what you would need to know if you are looking to learn more about the best paying jobs in the public utilities sector.

What do Public Utilities Jobs Represent?

Let us take a moment to look into what Public Utilities jobs are, and what its industry is all about, before we then dive into the best paying jobs in public utilities.

When we talk about specific services that are viewed as highly essential for daily living in general, then we are actually talking about Public Utilities. Say for instance, we talk about water, natural gas, some communication services, electricity, and a lot more. What we are talking about in essence is Public Utilities.

There are often opportunities available in this sector because public utilities are ultimately vital for communities as a whole. It is usually easier for candidates to find new job positions in this area of work due to the fact that the demand for professionals generally outweighs the supply.

Basic Requirements

Although most of these positions might require you to have completed just technical school at least, some of the job positions do require a college degree. Apprenticeships or on-the-job training are also options that one can also get in some cases, thereby creating more opportunities for those who prefer not to get an education, or just can’t afford to get one at the moment.

On a larger view, the public utilities as an area of work specialization is vast, so there are a lot of interesting positions worth exploring. The odds are that you will always find the right fit for you.

Top Ranking Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

Let us now dive in and take a look at some of the best paying jobs in public utilities that rank top of the charts. You will get to see a brief overview of what the job titles are, the potential income made, and what the job actually entails.

  1. Power Transmission Engineers

The basic requirements for this job position is a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in the field of electrical engineering, or any other electrical related field. The educational background gives them the right edge to maintain, design and inspect electrical structures like transmission lines and the likes. Power transmission engineers usually get a pay check of up to $91,200 as annual payment.

  1. Utility Manager – Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

As a utility manager, you work to make sure that any offered service is always available to businesses and homes involved. In addition to that, you are also to oversee facilities in your industry to make sure all are properly operational as required.

Many utility managers actually start their career with a Bachelor’s degree qualification, and then gather up more experience levels as they effectively work their way into the role. It is very much possible to earn an annual payment of up to $86,900 once you reach this career level.

  1. Power Systems Engineer

Landing a job as a power systems engineer could actually be an excellent fit if you are interested in working for an energy company. As an engineer in this sector, you will have to spend the bulk of you time focusing on feasibility studies, power distribution, electrical metering, and system design.

A college degree is usually enough to get started in this field of work. The payment rate in this sector around $82,600 per year.

  1. Pipeline Controller

For anyone who enjoys a bit of travel and field time, one of the best paying jobs in public utilities is the pipeline controller. The job role involves the examining of pipelines for leakages, checking for proper flow and the management of a range of other systems to keep oil and natural gas moving properly.


The pay rate is usually a very good one in this sector with an annual payment of about $94,950 once you get your career moving.

  1. Radiation Engineer

Among the best paying jobs in the public utilities sector is the Radiation Engineer position. Your main responsibility in this role is to assess the level of impacts of radiation on various environments around and in nuclear power facilities.

Radiation Engineers are typically required to possess a Bachelor’s degree as entry level for the position, and often earn a payment rate that spans around $104,000 annually.

  1. Power Plant Engineer

The smooth day-to-day running of a power plant is being handled by a power plant engineer. As a power plant engineer you are also expected to be able to perform preventative maintenance and handle repairs on the power plant. You will basically be spending your time inspecting systems and conducting operational tests.

The requirements that come with this position is usually a Bachelor’s degree, even though some do take their educational level further. A power plant engineer is one of the highest paid workers among the best paying jobs in the public utilities sector, usually around $96,800 per annum.

  1. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

As a Nuclear Licensing Engineer, you are expected to always ensure the safe running of nuclear power plants. This industry is known to be very highly regulated due to its nuclear facilities. Engineers in this sector spend always spend time making sure that the nuclear facilities comply with the regulatory policies guiding their operations, thereby playing a very critical role in employee and public safety.

A formal educational requirement is usually a must for anyone looking to hold this position in office, due to the fact that the job requires a lot of know-how, including from an administrative and nuclear power standpoint. With the right credentials, a nuclear licensing engineer makes up to $120,700 annually as an income.

  1. Substation Engineer

As a substation engineer the basic requirements to fit into this role is a Bachelor’s degree or more advanced degrees. This gives the engineers the expertise to oversee project teams, and design substations such that the resulting systems meet the needs of the company.

Before transition into this job position, most workers usually have experience in other public utility roles. Once in this position an annual income of about $119,850 is certain.

  1. Gas Controller – Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

Gas controllers are specialized in ensuring the correct and proper flow of oil and natural gas through pipelines and other channels designed to get these materials to where they need to go. This role involves identifying leakages, adjusting flow rates and gas chambers, recommending maintenance or repairs, and monitoring pressure data in real-time.

The requirements for this job role usually varies, whether it’s a college degree, technical school, or on-the-job training that you would need for the role. Nonetheless, once you land this position as a gas controller, the salary is usually up to a $87,600 yearly income.

  1. Power System Dispatcher

This role among the best paying jobs in public utilities is one of the most technical ones. It involves monitoring and managing the distribution of electricity, and this is achieved using data and control panels to make sure that there is a proper and controlled flow of energy.

Working in this position needs high collaborative efforts that involves speaking with operators, professional, and other engineers in order to keep things running smoothly and solve any issues that arise. The requirements for this role may include a formal training or college education, but all thing being equal the payment rate here is usually soothing at about $82,700 on yearly basis.

In Conclusion

Based on research, regardless of the stress, technicalities, occasional harsh conditions and so on, working in the Public Utilities sector can be very rewarding. Positions in various roles among the best paying jobs in public utilities usually lead to a very lucrative career. If you wish to take your career to the right direction, then holding any of these roles in the public utilities sector is another great option you can get.

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